7 Room Design Tricks That Interior Decorators Would Never Tell You for Free

7 Room Design Tricks That Interior Decorators Would Never Tell You for Free

There are so many interior design ideas that you can explore as a homeowner. Some are creative, others downright simple, and some are vintage or contemporary. However, no matter what you do, more often than not, it’s the simple things that really matter. Interior Mountain View painters having worked for years in decorating homes will probably charge you a lot of money for the ultimate décor ideas. But even then, this does not always guarantee that the expected results will be realized.

Interior designing does not need to be complicated and in fact, here are a few design tricks that every top interior décor expert uses:

Hang Artwork at the Right Height

Art is an important part of any interior design strategy. It’s always nice to walk into any room or home and you are greeted with creative pieces of art hanging beautifully on the wall. But hanging artwork is not always going to work. Any piece of art needs to be hanging at the right height. Hang it too low or too high and you will take away the glamour of the masterpiece.

Place a Rug Based on its Size

A rug at the center of a room will be a thing of beauty. But if it’s too large for the room it will simply make the whole place look cluttered. You don’t want that do you? If you are going to use a rug, make sure its size is proportionate to the room.

Rearrange the Bookshelves

It’s very likely that your interior décor strategy will incorporate the use of shelves. Shelves are beautiful and they add to the class in your home in a big way. However, do not overstuff your shelves. Put a few books and arrange them very carefully.

Follow a Good Color Scheme

Paint is always a significant part of interior design for Mountain View painters. How your walls are painted and the extent they match with other interior décor ideas will determine whether your home will be classy or not. Do not rush with the colors. Pick the right paint color for each wall.

Buy the Right Dining Table

Tables in living rooms are common and if you are designing your dining area, the dining table should be a very important consideration. Although it’s a common practice to see dining rooms with large tables, this might not work, unless of course you have a huge room. Always pick the right sized tables to avoid any regrets.

Place a Mirror on the Wall

Having a mirror on the wall in any room is definitely a great idea. However, you need to install it in the right way. Do not put it too high. People should easily be able to see themselves in it without struggling. In addition to this, place the mirror opposite the window. This will create enough light bounce to make the room look bigger.

Get the Right Coffee Table

Mountain View painting know that any table you decide to place in any room needs to be proportional to the room’s size. Even a simple coffee table needs to be measured carefully before it’s bought. Space is often very important in interior décor and a large table will simply take it away.