Chandelier Refinishing

Chandelier Refinishing

Improvements, like updating an light fixture, can help to modernize your home. Rather than tossing your stained and obsolete chandelier in the garbage, make it back to life with texture, a fresh color or decoration. Refinishing your previous chandelier is environmentally friendly and can save you the expense of a new one. You can add touches to combine together with preferences and your style.


Apply a fresh coat of paint to your previous headboard and rejuvenate it. Spray the fixture using a paint primer to present a surface for the paint color to adhere to. Consider your room’s overall color scheme before selecting a paint color. While bold colors add a burst of energy to your area, white or black paint provides a neutral color option. Paint finishes add an extra sparkle.

Metal Finishes

Think about refinishing your chandelier in an metal finish, if you want to bring a sense of contemporary sophistication in your room. Restore your painted or lacquered chandelier by re-plating it using a metal, like silver, bronze or aluminum. Antique, satin, shiny, brushed and oil-rubbed bronze supply an assortment of finishes for you to choose from. You might want to combine two or more metal colors to flip your chandelier into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


Jazz up your chandelier that is obsolete to give it a little pizzazz. Strands of sparkling beads or crystals draped through the arms of your chandelier convey a bit of glitz and glamour. Add decorative clip-on lampshades to add interest and pops of color to your area. Refinish your chandelier with seasonal decorations, such as fresh sprigs of greenery and holly berries. Dried greenery and replace with bunches of colorful spring flowers, seed cornstalks, pods and dried pumpkins.


Before trimming your chandelier consider the furnishings and style in your home. Bold, contrasting colors add a dramatic element. A chandelier provides a stark contrast against walls for a clean, contemporary appearance. Chandeliers refurbished in an oil-rubbed bronze finish convey the Old-World charm of a European villa. Dress your little lady’s”princess area” with a pink chandelier, scatter it with beads, pearls and pastel bows for a fairy-tale touch she will adore.

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