Could I Use Lysol about Wood Floors?

Could I Use Lysol about Wood Floors?

According to the manufacturer’s website, Lysol kills 99.9 percent of the viruses and bacteria which may be on surfaces in your house, and that is particularly important if you have kids. The item has to be in touch with your flooring to get 10 minutes to disinfect them, however, and that is an issue if the floors are hardwood.

Types of Lysol Products

Lysol manufactures many products you can use to clean flooring. One is a concentrated disinfectant that you must mix with water — this is the product that the manufacturer recommends cleaning floors. The company also sells a disinfectant spray designed to clean walls and counters. You normally use this product full-strength right from the bottle. Because you don’t have to dilute it, then this can be the safer product for your hardwood flooring.

Spray Cleaners Are Safer for Hardwood

To disinfect your flooring, which means to eliminate current pathogens, then you must abandon Lysol cleaner in touch with it for 10 minutes. No hardwood flooring manufacturer would recommend leaving water on a wood floor for that long; it can seep into the finish or between boards and lead to water staining or swelling. Mist the floor using a sprayer so that you don’t have to leave standing water to the floor. Then let it sit and mop it up.

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