Fall Asleep in a Bed of Flowers

Fall Asleep in a Bed of Flowers

My thoughts can not help but wander up to to springtime, though we’re still in the throes of winter. Sunlight warmer temperatures, and fresh flowers use up my ideas so much that I believe I hear birds chirping.

But till the mercury climbs and we see the fruits of a changing time, I provide you the gift of flowers — more particularly, a bed of flowers. It wasn’t that I started to value flowery prints. It feels like yesterday after I heard my mom say, as I turned up my nose at her new crewelwork comforter, “Your preference will change.” She is correct, they did. I simply hope she never reads this ideabook.

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Floral shapes in many cases are related to conventional layout. This graphical coverlet of yellow and white blooms against a backdrop that is grey show that blossoms have a spot in layout that is modern, also.

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In lieu of flowers on bedclothes, attempt a print of shapes that feature leaves.

This lovely bedding has only enough whitespace in the design to avoid the flowery print from experience over-bearing. The homeowner reasons the the room with toss pillows and navy panels.

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Consider his flavor. Temper the aesthetic that is the female by combining flowery patterns -neutral colors.

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With flowers so fine, why don’t you print them? Increase paint artwork and inspiration from flowery patterns in your accent pillows.

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Mix and match for an easy, diverse appearance. A small girl would be thrilled to to put on a tea-party in her own rose garden.

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Rather than covering the whole bed in petals, develop a effect using a wall of drapery panels that are exquisite.

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This old-time bedroom may be an interpretation of a courtyard garden. Bedskirt and the curtain are similar to vines, while the wall panels are a nod to some wrought iron gate. Bloom and the trellis patterned appliqued pillows will be the little, brilliant touches that finish the style.

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