Guest Picks: Fabulously Decorative Storage

Guest Picks: Fabulously Decorative Storage

Clutter appears to be the bane of my life, but whenever my spouse asks if I want him to purchase some of those big plastic storage containers, I shudder and shake my head. Fortunately, are excellent products to help organize those bits that just can’t seem to find a permanent home. And they come in designs that will actually enhance your decor and make your room more functional, calm and pleasurable.

This ideabook offers 20 great-looking products that could quickly make your life simpler as you enter a new year. — Denise from The Swelle Life

Modern Coffee Tables – GBP 500

The coffee table is notorious for being a clutter magnet, but you would have no explanations with this midcentury-inspired version that functions storage to the plan. The wide drawer and cubby hole will easily hide all of your remotes, in addition to those pesky things that seem to appear from nowhere on a daily basis.

Luxo Living

Nomess Moma Box – $49.31

This is the jewellery box for lovers of Lucite and colour. A string of tiny containers inside one large clear box keeps all of your paintings comprised yet still visible. And there’s room to add another layer of boxes, or just a few as needed.

I admit, I’d be tempted to keep those awesome little boxes empty and untainted from clutter.


Bisley 6-Drawer Classic Front Filing Cabinet – $285

The normal metal filing cabinet usually elicits a shudder from me, but things can change using a bright paint job. Six tagged drawers will keep your files organized, and your office will immediately feel less drab.


Casamania Robox Bookcase – EUR 1,500

If your set of books is not sufficiently intimidating, keeping them at a man-size robot bookcase might do just fine. This animated unit has a “heart,” left by the bright red box at its “chest.” Ensure that your customers do a double take by putting a framed close-up of your head in the head!

Shoe Tree Z, Black – $299

I have a shoe area dilemma, and I am not even a crazy shoe collector. But I do have a couple of designer pairs, and that I love to keep the boxes, that adds to the problem. Here is actually the first shoe storage method I’ve noticed that is designed to include the box, not only the shoes. And it looks like a sculpture that has nothing to do with feet, so it might really go anyplace. The block tower has up slots every side the shoe box slides into.


Circus Sack – EUR 30

As simple yet thoroughly attractive options to the storage basket, those printed graphic sacks appear good enough to display as empty vessels — and even better if mixed with other prints from the set in varying dimensions. How striking will a trio appear on a beige gloss or board floor?


Established & Sons Stack Chest of Drawers – $4,950

Who really needs a chest; it’s only the drawers that matter, right? Sometimes. If you enjoy a more sculptural approach to maintaining your items organized, you can have a great deal of fun producing new forms with those floating drawers. They are designed to be pushed and pulled in both directions while the tower remains balanced.


Box Box – $52.84

I adore the idea of a tall pile of floral boxes in a room, such as a candy-colored sculpture of business. This system is a superb way to fill an awkwardly empty, narrow distance whilst hiding clutter. It also makes the office a little more fun. If pastels aren’t something, you’ll be secure with the all-charcoal option.

The Lollipop Shoppe

Tree Coat Stand – GBP 645

I just might have a problem with my family actually hanging their coats all over this shrub and covering its cheerfulness. With two or three garments dangling from the lower branches, you will still receive the benefit of its purpose and also be in a position to enjoy the view.

Finnish Design Shop

M3 Seat/Storage, Lime – $239

This storage cube has a bit of a furniture texture thanks to its birch wood structure, and it’s sturdy enough to double as a chair at a pinch. It is available in a choice of laminated patterns or solids, which might produce a powerful color-block effect when piled or grouped in such as styles or mixed for a more diverse look.


Collect Cabinet, Multicolor – $1,525.64

Now this is a cabinet that does not permit for bad moods. Its vivid color-blocking is pure pleasure. It opens with two entrance doors to reveal three white shelves. If you have obtained a Danish bowl plus some design books to store, how about maintaining one of those doors open to show off your collection and also have fun playing with colour and texture mixes?


Artecnica Bright Times Silver – EUR 50

If you have been thinking it’d be wonderful to keep a little of the holiday shimmer around after the festivities are over, these twinkling steel bowls will do just fine. They are excellent for holding tea lights and little bits and bobs that can’t find a home, or displaying because they are.


Malle Mademoiselle

It is not often that distance efficiency and luxury go together, but this mobile trunk not only integrates an entire vanity, it’s also gorgeously crafted inside and out in leather, suede and coated fabric.

Though I don’t have the space for a full vanity, I know I will find a few places where this would easily fit and give the room a refined elegance.

Ballard Designs

Amelia Storage Bench, Delray Azure – $519

With this seat you get a place to sit for a number of unsightlies plus a touch of the Mediterranean with the azure tile-like appearance of the upholstery. Add some broad fan plants and a lot of natural lighting, and you have the beginnings of an on site island retreat.

Scandinavian Design Center

Copperfield Storage Mirror – $262

I believe that it’s safe to say none of us has ever wanted more from the mirror than a true reflection, yet this box version with a shelf is not a terrible idea. Hang it near your entryway and you also don’t have to move far to drop off those daily essentials that so easily get lost, such as your keys. And unlike the inadequate console that has so much dropped upon it, the contents at the mirror will hardly be noticed.

I’m guilty of forgetting which kind of flour I am keeping in my canisters, and the same goes for the contents of any storage container within my property. An easy-to-read label would be the wise way ahead. These painted and distressed MDF tags offer you a pop of pastel colour with some rustic appeal, and they’re customizable, so it is possible to differentiate everything from lace to claws to all those old CDs.

Pottery Barn

Striped Decorative Luggage – $199

Suitcases are a great space-saving alternate to the trunk, and they can have the same enduring appeal if you go for a classic appearance. This sunny beach stripe duo will lift any room, and the top case may be used to display photos or other sentimental items by propping the lid up — toss an aged wooden ruler in there to coincide with the classic feel.

Orla Kiely

Multi Stem Bread Bin – GBP 75

Despite enjoying the idea of the bread box, I had held off buying one since I could not justify the counter area required for the usual finely shaped ones. This vertical container not only uses about a third of the room, but features printmaster Orla Kiely’s signature Multi Stem design, a brand new take on ’70s print and coloring that may be incorporated into just about any kitchen decor.


Swedese Log Storage Table – GBP 524

The laminated pine veneer and elliptical shape of this storage table bring a wonderful calm to a room while at the same time concealing clutter. Its small dimensions makes it a fantastic sofa side table for resting something briefly, such as a drink, but leaving mostly free for if you would like to remove the lid to place away remotes or publications.

Bar Globe World

Fine Vintage Desk Globe Bar – $249

Following is a win-win: You have to have your pub close by and look worldly at precisely the same time. Small enough to sit on your own tabletop, desk or sideboard yet large enough to stock a few bottles and glasses, it’s like a grown-up version of the bar fridge. And you can brush up on your geography too.

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