How to Raise Mung Bean Sprouts

How to Raise Mung Bean Sprouts

Once relegated entirely to Chinese and Asian-inspired dishes, mung bean sprouts appear as cool additions and since the star part in mung omelets. By growing these vitamin sprouts in your kitchen yearlong, Insert your own homegrown twist. Improved properly and when prepared, the sprouts are ready to eat in under a week.

Put 1/3 cup of mung bean seeds which are sold for sprouting in a 1-quart canning jar. Fill the jar with distilled water and then soak the seeds.

So it’s bigger than the jar opening, cut a piece of cheesecloth. Place the cheesecloth on top of the jar and twist on a canning lid ring to guarantee the fabric.

Pour the water out of the jar, through the cheesecloth. The cheesecloth allows the water to pass through while keeping the seeds from the jar.

Lay the jar on its side in a darkened area, such as inside a cabinet or pantry.

Scrub the seeds with distilled water per day. Pour the water from the jar through the cheesecloth. Swirl the seeds around in the water a couple of times and drain the water out through the cheesecloth. Replace the jar in the region after each rinsing.

Remove and canning lid ring after about four times when the sprouts hit the desired length, which will be for mung bean sprouts, about 1 1/2 to two inches. Discard the cheesecloth.

Fill the jar. Remove that float to the peak of the jar. Drain the water. Pat the carrots dry and store them in the fridge for up to three days.

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