How to Stretch Carpet

How to Stretch Carpet

If you have a wall to wall carpet cleaning Long Beach, there are chances that it might have become loose and wrinkled with time. The gum used to fix it on the floor might loosen due to humidity. When something like this happens, you don’t need to worry. If you have the right tools, you can get it back in shape again. The biggest challenge you will face if you choose to fix the rug on your own is to get the professional tools for the job. You will need a power stretcher and a knee kicker. You can rent these from a home improvement store in your neighborhood.

Tools and Materials

-Power stretcher

-Knee kicker (not a must)



-Flathead screwdriver

-Utility knife


-Pry bar (not a must)

Clear the Room

Get rid of any furniture in the room. This will make it easier for you to stretch the carpet cleaning Long Beach CA. Then run a vacuum over the rug. This will keep dust levels down when you are working on the rug.

Loosen the Rug

Put on your gloves and remove the rug from the cardboard tack strip used to hold it in place. Use the pliers to tug the rug gently. Be careful to avoid damaging the pliers, as it can be delicate. Ensure that you have freed three of the sides of the rug and then pull the rug away from the wall. Leave the fourth side of the rug in place so that it can serve to anchor the rug in place when you will be pulling it.

The pad that’s underneath the rug should be lying flat on the ground and not be overlapping. Using the flathead screwdriver, get rid of any tacks that might be pinning the rug to the pad. Be careful to not damage the fibers of the rug.

Use the Power Stretcher

Prop up the base of the power stretcher against the wall on a length of 2×4. Set the machine with its tooth facing down, vertically against the ripples. Using the shaft poles, extend the shaft of the stretcher until the head is six inches away from the wall. Using a knob on the head of the machine, regulate the link of the teeth so that they can sink into the rug to the back of the carpet.

Stretching the Rug

Press down on the lever that’s on the handle of the appliance so that the head can get extended as the stretching process starts. Do this until you can no longer see the ripples. Your rug will stretch until the wall or even extend beyond it. Ensure that it’s being held by the tack strip before you let go of the lever.

Attach the Rug to the Subfloor

Use a sharp knife to cut off any extra Long Beach carpet cleaning that extends beyond the floor. Slice it up in a straight line. Make sure you leave enough of the rug to be tacked back into the baseboard. Tack all the sides of the rug into the tack strips.