July Checklist for a Smooth-Running Home

July Checklist for a Smooth-Running Home

July is a great time to handle outdoor chores, like pepping up that curb appeal prior to the Fourth, and also to lighten up your home, from mess to energy bills. With Independence Day right around the corner here in the States, it is also a fantastic time to demonstrate some patriotic spirit and give back to your community by supporting local companies or donating things to charity. Here are 12 to-dos to think about putting in your list this month.

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1. Keep tabs on water use and irrigation systems. Make sure your prized blossoms do not wilt from the heat by checking your irrigation system regularly. If your neighborhood has limits on water use, be sure to set your timer so.

2. Extend the life span of your paths and driveway. Attend to small cracks and chips before they have a chance to grow.

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3. If you reside in the U.S., honor Freedom Day with Americana, folk art and locally sourced products. As you are out shopping this month, make a point of seeking out products made in the USA. From classic folk art in a summer fair to locally grown berries, there are tons of things you can purchase to support local companies and craftspeople.

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4. Start a garden journal. In case you don’t keep one, think about beginning a dedicated garden journal. Filled with your notes on what you implanted and how each plant fared, this tiny notebook will be worth its weight in gold when planting time comes again.

5. Donate additional produce to a local food pantry. Wondering what to do with that bumper crop of zucchini or tomatoes, once your neighbors and friends have had their fill? Ample Harvest, a nonprofit organization, helps link gardeners with local food pantries to feed people that are struggling. Check the group’s site to discover a local food pantry which will accept your garden surplus.

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6. Increase color. Cool off and spend more time outside comfortably with the addition of a umbrella, outdoor drapes or a color canopy. In case you’ve got young children, consider setting up an extra umbrella or tent above their sandbox or preferred play space to avoid sunburns.

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7. Cut summer energy prices. Keep window shades and curtains closely drawn during the day to maintain a cooler temperature indoors — vulnerable windows will heat your home like a greenhouse. Be sure all of window air conditioning units are closely fitted, without a cold air escaping. For all those with central air, placing your thermostat to a higher temperature as you are out during the day will help keep prices down.

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8. Go on a clutter-busting spree. Summer is a great time to pare down belongings. Consider placing a timer for 15 minutes and see how many things you’ll be able to get rid of … and when that felt too simple, do it again!

9. Paint something white. Evoke the whitewashed ease of a summer cottage or beach house with a coat of crisp white paint. Paint flea market furniture, old hand-me-downs or (for the brave) the walls and floor.

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10. Clean filters and fans. Keep your kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans and ac units running efficiently by cleaning and replacing filters regularly.

11. Wash windows inside and out. Permit that summertime sunshine in by giving windows a fast rinse with glass cleaner or a vinegar solution, then piled them dry. If you would like to avoid having a ladder outside, reach exterior windows with a window-washing hose attachment or telescoping window washer.

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12. Boost your house’s Fourth of July curb appeal. Whether or not your residence is on the parade route, it seems good to freshen up porch plantings, trimming hedges and hang these flags.

Tell us : Can you decorate for the Fourth of July? What is on your home to-do list this month? Join the discussion below!

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