Review of This Craftsman C3 Grass Trimmer

Review of This Craftsman C3 Grass Trimmer

The C3 cordless, electric string trimmer a part of Craftman’s line of power tools which are harmonious with all the C3 battery system. The battery interchangeability makes this trimmer versatile for owners of other C3 tools, but its small power, size and battery life keep it from comparing especially well with larger gas-powered or corded electric trimmers.

Trimmer Characteristics

The trimmer has a telescoping adjustable shaft, and its own trimmer head rotates between a horizontal trimming orientation along with a vertical posture for edging. It features an automatic line feed system which, theoretically, improvements broken line without input from the user. The .065-inch diameter line which the C3 trimmer uses is considerably lighter than the .095-inch line that’s common on larger trimmers, so it is very likely to break more often.


At just over 5 pounds without its battery, the C3 trimmer is lightweight, particularly in contrast to gas-powered trimmers, which may weigh twice as much. It pays for its low weight, but using its diminutive dimensions; its own directly shaft is relatively streamlined, and its own 12-inch cutting width is less than that of bigger trimmers, which typically have a cutting width of 15 to 18 inches.


The C3 trimmer comes with a high performance 19.2-volt lithium-ion battery, but it’s also compatible with older nickel-cadmium C3 batteries; the manufacturer claims the high performance lithium battery delivers up to twice the run time of the NiCad battery. The lithium ion battery requires an hour to charge, and if fully charged, it will power the trimmer for several minutes of constant running. The trimmer is also compatible with the more recent XCP lithium-ion better, which Craftsman claims will power tools for up to four times as long as the NiCad battery. Both the standard lithium and XCP batteries are available in compact and high-capacity versions.

C3 Product Line

The C3 batteries which power the trimmer also work in the full lineup of Craftsman’s C3 power tools. The product line includes dozens of different kinds of tools, such as hand tools such as drills, work lights, ratchet wrenches and power hammers. C3 yard and garden tools consist of hedge trimmers, leaf blowers and chain saws. The C3 trimmer is also available in a specially priced bundle with the C3 leaf blower, and also a less expensive version of the trimmer with no battery or charger is also available. The latter is helpful if you currently have a battery which came with a different C3 tool.

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