The best way to Get Water Stains From Ceiling Panels

The best way to Get Water Stains From Ceiling Panels

Ceiling panels usually are tiles held in place with a fall-ceiling body. All these are manufactured from plaster that was porous and so are stained and broken. The the easiest method to of the panels will be to address the water stain instantly — it is essential before they set to the ceiling panels to assault the stains. Conserve the cost by attempting to clear them although these panels are not as costly as changing a ceiling made of dry wall.

Clean your ceiling panel as well as the region around it using a feather duster to remove dirt or any cobwebs. Do not use dusters, as these usually get caught in the bottom of the panel, if you choose but you can use the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner.

Cover furniture and the floor using plastic or a dropcloth to avoid injury from water while you are cleansing the panel dripping.

Put on safety goggles. Mix 1 cup of bleach in a bucket with 1 gallon of water. Climb on a ladder to make it to the ceiling panel. Dab the water combination on the ceiling panel using a rag, enabling it to soak in somewhat. Pour the bleach and water mixture and use it over-head with the extendable paint-roller.

Allow the ceiling panel to dry completely. If some stain remains, re apply the water and bleach combination. Make sure that the panel is dry before re-applying; also much water in the tile can make it sag or crack.

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