The best way to Replace a Washer in The Hose Bib

The best way to Replace a Washer in The Hose Bib

Bibs are heavy duty fittings that typically have a brass body. You’ll generally see them installed outside your house, having a threaded spigot that’s built to take a hose coupling. Bibs usually leak when seals or their washers are absent or need replacing. A leaking outside faucet is expensive as it wastes water, and will be a turn-off for potential customers if you’re seeking to market your house. Replacing the washer is generally a process that is straightforward, and many hardware shops have alternative washers that fit most sizes as well as styles of hose bibs.

Turn the water off in the primary supply valve. This can be near your water meter. Sometimes the water valve is in a basement or crawl space, usually inside your house.

Loosen and remove the screw, using a screw-driver. Lift off the handle to gain access to the internal elements of the hose bib. In the event that you can access without removing the handle the packing nut supporting the faucet handle, skip this.

Turn the packing nut counter-clockwise, utilizing an adjustable wrench to loosen and eliminate it. This nut retains its own parts in location and the faucet.

Pull out the valve stem. Loosen and remove the screw that retains the washer in place, using a screw-driver.

Remove the washer that is old in the hose bib. Use as you perform, a different edge or a screwdriver to pry it out, but be cautious not to harm the bib in the event the washer is actually worn.

Clean across the groove where the washer that is old sat, using a toothpick. Dig out dirt or any corrosion to make certain the washer that is new will match correctly. Wipe the area using a dry cloth.

Replace the washer having a new one and change the washer screw to to keep it in spot. Tighten it having a screwdriver.

Wrap a layer of Teflon tape across the threads of the physique where the valve stem is likely to be tightened in to location.

The valve stem straight back to the faucet human anatomy. Be cautious perhaps not to harm the valve as you tighten it in to spot when you re-place the valve stem.

Hand-tighten the packing nut. Tighten it more, utilizing an adjustable wrench.

Replace the faucet manage and secure it with the manage screw.

Turn the water on in the primary supply valve. Open the faucet to test for leaks. Close it to make positive the bib doesn’t leak.