20 on  of the Coziest Living Rooms

20 on of the Coziest Living Rooms

“Living room” used to connote a formal, classy space full of precious textiles and accessories — a no-kids-or-pets zone used a few times a year. But today’s homeowners have realized that a too-formal approach into a living room is really a waste of precious space. Living rooms have gotten practical and comfortable spaces the whole family can enjoy every day, and they can still retain their attractiveness. Here are 20 of the coziest living rooms around and suggestions on the best way to get the appearances yourself.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Borrow from the library. Built-ins house this Vermont homeowner’s beloved book collection and lend library warmth into this living area.

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Giambastiani Design

A leather club chair is another comfy library component you can borrow for living room comfort. A pair of these is much better.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Provide lots of cushy seating. Loose slipcovers, autumnal colors and nubby throw blankets create an ideal gathering place at this lake house.

Clarkson Potter

In a different lake house, rustic beams, layered rugs, a bevy of throw pillows and, again, lots of comfortable seating create a cozy room for entertaining guests.

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Michelle Fries, BeDe Design

Add woodsy cottage touches. Plenty of knotty timber, exposed beams, patchwork cushions and also a fieldstone fireplace keep this open living room comfy. This example is full-on woodsy cabin …

… while this example is woodsy-cabin “lite.” A ceiling is warmed up by wooden planks and beams; the large wooden coffee table adds a rustic touch, and textiles add sophistication.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Embrace a farmhouse aesthetic. The vibe of this weekend farmhouse is simple and restful. Long sofas call outside for weekend naps; rustic finishes keep things informal.

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Gerald D. Cowart

A big gesture like a wooden barn door provides a country touch.

Jute Interior Design

Sectional sofas are permitted. One time a family room–just piece, sectional sofas have now moved to the living area. They are so much more comfortable than Victorian settees.

Moving Home To Roost

Let in the light. Bathed in natural light and with quilts and lengthy sofas, this space is inviting.

Heather Garrett Design

Throw the room some curves. Round off the sharp edges and straight lines to create a more welcoming room. By way of example, check out the way these seats will wrap hugs around anyone sitting in them.

Mustard Seed Interiors

Organize a tight layout without cluttering. This could be tricky –there’s a fine line between comfy and cluttered. While this room contains a lot of tight-knit furniture, the use of plenty of ivory and the uniformity of these printed drapes ensure that the room is cozy and beautiful.

ROMABIO / Interior & Exterior Mineral Based Paints

Put your feet up and stay awhile. One approach to make things less formal at the living room would be to invite folks to put their feet up and nestle in. This living area is an ideal place for enjoying the Sunday newspaper whilst toasting one’s feet by the fire.

Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors

Layer in soft textiles. Contrary to popular belief, modern style and a comfy feel are not mutually exclusive. Warm neutrals and a selection of textiles, such as tribal prints and a sheepskin throw, create an cozy and cushy space.

Jute Interior Design

If it’s a more modern cozy you are going for, be sure to edit. White walls and ceilings keeps things clean.

Urrutia Design

Don’t sacrifice your style for comfort. A living area could be cushy and have a polished appearance. The metal and glass coffee table, faux fur throw as well as the Tom Ford tome here coating luxury touches over cushy seating.

Witt Construction

Go mad for plaid. Once it comes to upping the comfy factor, you can never fail with plaid, particularly on overstuffed seats.

Artisan Books

Glean inspiration from far-flung areas. If you can not see in person, look to books like Maryam Montague’s Marrakesh by Design. It features this exotic Moroccan salon, which includes comfy chairs on and not far off the floor.

Kelley & Company Home

Take inspiration from history. This California beach house embraces British colonial layout, which is not as formal than the prevailing stuffy styles on the isle of Great Britain in the time it had been developed.

Tom Meaney Architect, AIA

Mix in antiques. Wooden firkins and also a well-worn Oriental rug include a layer of history for this living area.

What makes a room comfy for you? Please let us know in the Remarks section.

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