On Trend: Vintage Camera Decor

On Trend: Vintage Camera Decor

In a photographic world that now revolves round the digital image, everybody is on the lookout for ways to provide more meaning and history to graphics. From programs like Instagram that use old-school camera effects to the market popularity of reissued retro cameras, individuals aspire to link to their own photographs beyond only virtual pixels. Obtaining a beautiful illustration of an old camera into your decor is another way to pay tribute to the fine art.

Insert a little personal history by searching through your family’s old boxes and heirlooms — you might be surprised how many old cameras are hiding away. You might also try searching for a vintage camera on Etsy or even eBay, or construct your retro camera collection with these quirky collectibles and prints.

Artwork – $39

The lyrical palms moving through every one of those camera prints provide them a lovely ’50s advertising vibe. Sold in a set of four, it is an instant camera collection that is still fit for almost any modern living space.

Anthropologie Arlo Sofa – $3,298

Bring the beauty of old photography and center with this stunner of a sofa from Anthropologie. Insert a couple of retro cameras onto a shelf across the room to round out the motif.

More sofas for every space

Lafayette & Rushford Vintage Camera Box – $28

These beautiful camera lookalikes are really little trinket boxes, ready to hide your favorite treasures — maybe even some old photographs?

Urban Outfitters Camera Pencil Sharpener – $12

Bring a camera with you to the office every day in the kind of the camera-shaped pencil sharpener. Perhaps it may add a little Mad Men glam to a more mundane assortment of Post-Its and paper clips.

Vintage Camera Photography by Tracey Capone – $171

These prints may seem like absurd iPhone program re-creations, but they’re real photographic prints by photographer Tracey Capone. Put these five cameras onto your wall and your decorating is done.

Ghost Camera 1970 – $70

For the purists among us, a ceramic cast of an actual object is the extreme in cool. This art item deserves a special spot on a dark shelf, shining like the ghost that it’s.

Small Bluebird Studios Vintage Camera Print – $10

Gather your cameras print rather than in reality with charming retro camera prints similar to this one. Though a series could be stunning, one can be amazing by itself.

Just how should you display your new finds out? Showcase a small assortment of vintage objects together, letting the collection to grow naturally as you add cameras or other objects, like rustic birdcages. Whether they function or not, retro memorabilia items add a fantastic sense of nostalgia to your room.

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