New Classics: Ingo Maurer's Amazing Light Fixtures

New Classics: Ingo Maurer's Amazing Light Fixtures

It is difficult to pinpoint a signature style for those lights made by Ingo Maurer. You will find whimsical lights composed of birds with lightbulb minimalist and bodies, ethereal lights made of Japanese paper; the style runs the gamut. One thing all the goods have in common is thoughtful, good design.

Ingo Maurer started his career in Germany in graphic design. In 1963 he chose his keen eye for fashion into light design, founding his own business. Maurer has a fascination with the bulb itself and often highlights bulbs in their own layouts. He’s also an inventor, always working to make a much better bulb and much better lighting. His firm, which includes other designers, is a successful, taste-making establishment, offering something for everybody.

Home Design & Decor Magazine

Name: Birdie Chandelier
Designer: Ingo Maurer
Year made: 2002
Substance of notice: Goose feathers
Where to use it : The Birdie looks smashing above a table, but be warned, like many great things, it is high maintenance. The bulbs have wings made of actual goose feathers, and the recommended method of cleaning is to gingerly dust them with a dry paintbrush.

So long as you have the clearance underneath, the Birdie will add whimsy into a bedroom, a foyer or a living area.

D’apostrophe design, inc..

Name: Birds Birds Birds Chandelier
Where to use it : This is a bigger version of the Birdie. It works well with other interesting decor such as Andy Warhol’s pop art Marilyn portraits and Panton Chairs.


Canned Light – $325

Name: Canned Light
Designers: Christoph Matthias and Hagen Sczech
Year made: 2003
Substance of notice: Campbells soup can
Where to use it : This pendant was made for a kitchen island or above the kitchen sink, however use it everywhere you want to delight and surprise, perhaps as a toilet sconce, in a gallery-like area or within your nightstand. In the end, it has Warholian pop artwork appeal, not merely comfort food appeal.

Tatiana Takaeva

Name: Campari Light Suspension
Designer: Raphaelle Celentano
Year made: 2002
Substance of notice: Glass Italian Campari bottles
Where to use it Anywhere you’d like to see a solid pop of red glass. I especially like it in kitchens, in baths and over bars.

David Howell Design

Name: Zettle’z Ceiling Lamp
Designer: Ingo Maurer
Year made: 1997
Substance of notice: Paper with scribbled notes on it
Where to use it Part mobile, component lighting source, this chandelier functions just about everywhere. I never would have thought of using it over a bathtub before I saw this film, but it matches that space so well.

The scribbled paper notes that replace typical chandelier crystals create quite an impression in an entryway or in an office too. Or, because the notes could be amorous, look at hanging over your bed.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

Name: Floating Suspension
Designer: Ingo Maurer
Year made: 1980
Substance of notice: Crinkled Japanese paper
Where to use it : This beautiful and chic light hovers in the air overhead. The 3 tiers of paper cones diffuse the lighting, providing this piece the look of a soft, sculptural lantern.

Portal Design Inc

Name: Oh Mei Ma Kabir
Designer: Ingo Maurer and team
Year made: 1997
Substance of notice: Sheets of aluminum
Where to use it : You’ll want to be sure it is in a place where you are able to experience it in various ways. Looking at it from an angle and a higher altitude provides a completely different view than looking at it up from directly below.

Dick Clark + Associates

As an example, a individual walking across the second floor could experience the lighting in a completely different manner than someone sitting in the living area.

Amelie de Gaulle Interiors

When lit, the sheets reflect the light from the halogen light which hangs below.

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