Door Knockers: A Little Jewelry for Your Entryway

Door Knockers: A Little Jewelry for Your Entryway

Your home’s first impression is produced of the street. Does your front door make the right statement for youpersonally? One simple upgrade is the addition of a door knocker. It is somewhat like an earring to your entry — a fashionable detail which adds glamour and showcases your own and character. Knockers were utilized before for rescuing tender knuckles in the’tap tap tapping,’ but nowadays are as much for fashion than function. There are many options in finishes, shapes and styles to fit every door and character.

Brian Watford Interiors

A door knocker does not have to be flashy. If you’d like your door knocker in order to add detail but perhaps not be the middle of focus, think about a bronze or iron end. A easy ring knocker will include appeal and function. Coordinate your door hardware and lighting with complementary finishes.

Handles – $39

Receive a ring door knocker engraved with your initial for extra uniqueness. This one from Pottery Barn comes in an array of finishes.

The Colonial Style door knocker is a famous appearance. But only as it’s been around a long time does not mean it’s to feel old. If you enjoy a more contemporary style, use a nickel finish. Change out the rest of your door hardware so that it completes the appearance, developing a grand colonial entrance.

Melaragno Design Company, LLC

Think about your house and hobbies when selecting a door knocker. For an Arts and Crafts style house, a whimsical nature-related knocker would fit in perfectly. Insert an insect-inspired door knocker. You are able to find others in the shapes of dragonflies, frogs, birds and much more.

Atlas Homewares

Atlas Homewares Mission Doorknocker – $107.55

If you have a Mission-style house and enjoy a minimalist feel, this door knocker will work nicely.

Shoshana Gosselin

Colby Smith Starfish Door Knocker / Nickel Silver – $160

This starfish knocker would work for a house on the beach or one with a coastal appearance.

The conventional polished brass finish adds a regal sense to a front entrance, particularly against black or red doors. The knocker employed in this photograph is a doctor’s knocker, commonly found on the doors to doctors’ offices and homes in ancient days.

If you have a huge house, go for a huge door knocker such as the classic pineapple, which signifies welcome.

Shoshana Gosselin

Bronze Pug Door Knocker – $109.50

This is my updated take on the classic brass Lion knocker popular in England during the Victorian age. Lions, along with other animals, are symbols of protection. This pug can also be a symbol for devotion as man’s best friend.

Pottery Barn

Equestrian Horse Door Knocker – $29

Following is a knocker for the equestrian.

AppWood Doors and Millwork

Have you ever thought about using door knockers on garage doors?

Rachel Greathouse

Knockers are not just for front doors. Use them on an workplace door or for the bedroom of a teen who enjoys a little warning before you enter.

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