New Year's Resolutions for Your Kitchen You

New Year's Resolutions for Your Kitchen You

How many of your New Year’s resolutions from last year have you retained? Is your kitchen lack of company savaging your schedule? Is its cooking equipment not geared toward healthful eating? There are numerous ways that your space affects your objectives. This Ideabook is designed to help you maintain the settlements you make next season by making some alterations to your kitchen now.

LED Strip and Lights

Kitchen Resolution No. 1: Cut my electric bill

One great way to do this in your kitchen will be to replace your incandescent lights with compact flourescent bulbs or LED fixtures.

Learn how and where to place LED fixtures in the kitchen

SHARP SteamWave

Kitchen Resolution No. 2: Eat healthier

Among the most effective ways to eat healthier is to steam your meals. This cooking style lessens the quantity of fat you have to use, while keeping your food moist and delicious.

The challenge for most homeowners would be to find room for a steam oven. This streamlined microwave/steam/grill combination solves the space problem.

u-line. com

U-Line Beverage Center – $2,019

Kitchen Resolution No. 3: Relax more next year

Contemplate your favourite pastimes when redesigning your kitchen, whether it’s fun friends over a glass of wine or just enjoying a special classic along with your special someone at the end of a work day.

Design your kitchen to satisfy your most crucial wants, as well as your basic needs.

Jamie Gold, CKD, CAPS

The Learning Tower – $199.99

Kitchen Resolution No. 4: spend additional time with family

If your kids are still young, specialized furniture such as this Learning Tower can help you to get closer (this tip was shared with popular mother blogger Katie Dillon, best called La Jolla Mother ).

By bringing your child securely and comfortably to counter height, you can pass along family customs and your love for baking or cooking with ease.

The Container Store

Chrome 2-Tier Sliding Organizer – $75

Kitchen Resolution No. 5: Get organized

Interior cabinet accessories are great tools for helping you get your kitchen organized. Start by determining which items you use every week and move the others from the kitchen. The ones you use will be a lot easier to find when you’ve got them neatly stored in convenient organizers.


Kitchen Resolution No. 6: Invest in appliances that save money in the future

Investing in a built-in refrigerator may appear counterintuitive to saving money, however a food preservation system which keeps your meats, dairy and produce fresher longer might help you stay away from the massive waste that so many men and women encounter every year. Ultimately, the amount you save on groceries can easily offset the appliance investment, and keep your conscience clean.

AJ Madison

Built-in Coffee System – $2,299

Kitchen Resolution No. 7: Wake up before

For those who rely on coffee to get going in the morning, a built-in java system is a great kitchen appliance to consider. No, it will not drag you out of bed, but it might make those early starts simpler.

G-Broil George Foreman Grill – $49.99

Kitchen Resolution No. 8: Get back to the gym

Exercising works your muscles, but requires protein to reconstruct them. To nourish your non-vegetarian proteins such as fish, poultry, beef, poultry and pork in a wholesome way, grill them.

An indoor grill is excellent for this purpose, particularly one with easy-clean features — that is one fewer excuse you will have not to utilize it!

GE Appliances

GE Monogram Built-In Oven with Advantium® Speedcook Technology- 240V – $2,000

Kitchen Resolution No. 9: Manage time better

one method to achieve this goal is to accelerate your chores. A microwave with speed-cook technology will help in this regard.

A microwave with a keep-warm setting can help your time management on these occasions when you are running late. A hot meal may still be yours that evening, letting you complete your task better and revel in your dinner minus the anxiety of returning to operate then.

Jamie Gold, CKD, CAPS

Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher – $1,099

Kitchen Resolution No. 10: Save water

Choose fixtures and appliances that save water. Start Looking for the EPA’s newest designation, WaterSense. Sensor faucets are great possibilities for your kitchen.

Smart Measure Home Collection

WellnessMats – Cushioned Floor Mats – $119.95

Kitchen Resolution No. 11: Take better care of my body

Anyone who enjoys spending hours into their kitchen baking or cooking understands that hard flooring can take their toll on your buttocks, back, feet and legs. Be kind to them with a cushioned mat facing your cooktop or range. They’ll thank you right along with the folks who love your yummy treats.

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