How to Grout, Tile & a Round Table

How to Grout, Tile & a Round Table

Tile is a way to add life to an old table. It also fits right in with decoration or Southwestern, or anyplace you wish to add a pop of colour. You may use any type of tile — clay, exceptionally polished complete mosaic or cracked ceramic or Mexican or decorative tiles. You may arrange them in any type of layout or pattern. All you really need is some tile adhesive, a table, a great deal of imagination — and a tile cutter or saw to cut pieces. An old round coffee table is an perfect base.

Fill any cracks or holes at the round table top with wood filler and sand it smooth with a sander and sandpaper; you don’t have to eliminate all paint or end, but roughen tile can bond. Lay out the tiles to choose design or a pattern. Make a heavy cardboard or masonite template of this table if wanted to avoid needing to pick tiles up whenever the pattern is put.

Break or cut tiles to match a layout and cut borders to fit the rounded sides. Split tiles that are modest and use tile nippers; cut on harder or bigger tiles but don’t use a saw unless you are expert with that instrument to cut small pieces. Set off the table top when the layout is completed and tiles are trimmed around the edges.

Mastic over the table top with the edge of a mason trowel. Set tiles at a time to the one, pushing against each one securely into position. Use a rubber mallet and a massive piece of scrap plywood as a”beating plank,” to tap the tiles into position and amount them. Put throughout the table and adjust any large spots.

Let the set based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, usually at least overnight. Mix grout in any desired color in a large mixing pan and spread it over the tiles using a grout sponge. Work the grout solidly. Wipe excess grout off the tile surfaces using a sponge and wash it regularly to keep it clean.

Finish the tile top by brushing off any mastic using a wire brush and then sealing it. Put like clay, on any tile that is porous, to prevent stains from water and other liquids.

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