How to Layer Comfort Into Urban Spaces

How to Layer Comfort Into Urban Spaces

The bones of a metropolitan flat sometimes scream for contemporary, minimalistic fashion. Turns out, while this aesthetic is lovely to look at, living in the whole bare-bones thing isn’t actually simple, comfy or comfortable. Here are some examples of layered, vertical spaces that add comfy style to multi-unit urban dwellings.

The contemporary white objects and abstract paintings are juxtaposed nicely with all the white upholstered Louise chair. The shallow green-gray console doesn’t to occupy too much space, which makes it perfect for the main area of an apartment where space is tight.

Prentice Interiors

Wall-to-wall carpets is a certain way to add comfort to any area. Within this high-rise flat, which has no crown molding or architectural antiques, the choice to appoint the space in luxury upholstery and classic Christopher Spiztmiller lamps makes it distinctive.

The large-scale abstract painting serves as the focal point with this room, permitting the conventional, nondescript cream slipcovered sofa to fade in the background. A drawing at a brass frame dresses up the industrial shelves. The sisal rug adds an additional layer of texture to the look.

Prentice Interiors

Photography, when framed and matted beautifully, can be a perfect way to add a little edginess to a differently traditionally appointed interior. Here, a comfy sectional upholstered in a beige linen is stacked with beautiful sage green floral cushions and flanked by cherry decoration.

The high ceilings and bright-white character of the NYC apartment is warmed up by pops of burlap and honey sunglasses. The dramatic black and white beige curtains in a conventional print add formality to the urban area.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

Often a city flat comes with a very small bedroom. In cases like this, the small size is embraced with a dramatic, oversized upholstered headboard in jet black. Beige brass and linens swing-arm lamps complete the elegant look.

A salon grouping of paintings provides a little sophistication and an eclectic punch to the confines of an all-white city bedroom. Maintaining the furniture, bed linens, and lamps allows for a calm environment, while the art makes it chic.

David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

The bones of the space are obviously cool; it’s a contemporary structure in the center of London, complete with skylights and a sliding door. I love the casual interior, especially the canvas-covered futon. The area itself is quite contemporary, and using conventional casual furnishings makes it livable.

White and black is a classic color combination for your kitchen. This elegant-yet-practical floor choice is updated with a contemporary dining set and industrial pendant lighting. Notice the ceiling: It’s painted a seafoam-gray colour, which warms up the space and leaves it more inviting.

Zebra print plus a gilded mirror equals glamour. Coupled with a gorgeous cherry chest-of-drawers, black iron swing lamp and a white porcelain bust, this really is as sophisticated as a hallway can get.

Jarlath Mellett

This interior is basically mid-century contemporary, however the striped upholstered chair, round mirror and conventional rug add more layers. The reading lamp and dark wood tables add an Americana feel to the otherwise Scandinavian digs.

More is more! This very small space is loaded with art, casual upholstered furniture, bold lamps and a large coffee table arranged with different candles and art objects. Filling the brick area with art makes the space feels much lighter, whereas layering the walls with art provides colour.

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