Ways With Children's Portraits

Ways With Children's Portraits

Showing portraiture of children is longstanding tradition most grandparents and parents can’t withstand. The concept of owning a painting or beautiful framed photograph of your kids that will endure for many years to come is appealing.

Placing these bits can be complicated. If they are featured too prominently, they are able to look strange. But sticking them in the toilet doesn’t feel right . Below are a few sophisticated possibilities for displaying these cherished family portraits which improve the overall aesthetic of the rooms they occupy.

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Michelle Hinckley

Printing Vintage on canvas is a great way to make your family pictures feel like bits of artwork. The mix of gray, white and sisal here highlight the grouping of three black-and-white baby photos. It is a sophisticated take on the timeless family room.

Mary Evelyn Interiors

In this living room, a reddish charcoal children’s portrait casually rests on the mantel among blossoms and other framed artwork. Leaning the portrait from the wall prevents it from being overbearing while still being featured prominently in the cream and beige area.

Alix Bragg Interior Design

The portrait is wrapped in the foyer, right by the French doors. The notion is beautiful: anybody leaving the house gets an opportunity to enjoy this portrait. It is a prominent placement, but out of the way of the main rooms. And it’s also nice that it stands alone on that wall, instead of being blended at a salon style grouping.

This is an example of a portrait incorporated into a tablescape. The framed chalk drawing is put on brass candlesticks, pots of ivy and piles of books. Along with the eclectic gallery of artwork hanging on the wall, the portrait blends in nicely with the d├ęcor.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Traditionally, people have chosen to have silhouettes cut of family members since it was cheaper then hiring an artist to paint a proper portrait. Now the shape has gone contemporary. Here three brightly colored silhouettes of kids serve as pop art in an area that is about pops of color.

Mary Evelyn Interiors

The fancy, gold-leaf framed portrait is perfectly suitable with this formal dining area.

There are lots of portraits here, a number of them are sketches of elderly gentlemen and a few of these kids. Mixing your kids portraits in grouping like this subscribes to the doctrine that all bits are equivalent. Expensive or cheap, memorable or generic — when wrapped all collectively each piece takes on equal importance.

H&H Design

Talk about dramatic! Here a block of orange paint highlights a small photograph framed with a oversized mat. This is a children’s area, therefore the orange shade is a lively choice.

Gafford Interiors

Inside this area the ceilings are super large. The grandness of this portrait of a young boy in a sailor suit works nicely hanging on its own above a butler’s chest. Another artwork in the room is subjective, developing a nice, sophisticated mix.

Camber Construction

This ultra-traditional, layered living area in reds, golds and black features a portrait of three girls, painted in a similar color palette, over the mantel. This portrait perfectly matches the style of the room, because the girls are dressed in fancy dresses and everything feels both unique.

What if your”kid” is a puppy? That is okay, too. Here a professional photograph of the family pooch is blended in among traditional prints and artwork. Incorporating the puppy photo in the salon grouping is a whimsical touch to the overall eclectic corner.

April Force Pardoe Interiors

These blown-up black-and-white family images span the whole area of a single wall of this room. Hung in symmetrical style, the look is contemporary and ideal for a space where family spends serious time .

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